Watch | BJP MLA Surendra Singh gives a demonstration of drinking cow urine to keep away COVID-19

Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Surendra Singh from Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, who is often in the discussion for his controversial statements, is once again in the limelight due to his strange statement. Amidst the corona virus havoc, BJP MLA Surendra Singh has made a strange claim. He believes that consuming cow urine does not cause corona. He has made a video of this and has also appealed to the people to drink cow urine.

In this video going viral on social media, BJP MLA Surendra Singh himself is also seen drinking cow urine. He claims that he consumes cow urine regularly, due to which he is not affected by corona and remains completely healthy till now. He claims that regular intake of cow urine can control the corona pandemic.

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In the viral video, Surendra Singh says, ‘I want to make an appeal again to the entire public of Bairiya assembly. This is the Godhan extract of Patanjali. I drink cow urine mixed with five caps of cold water on an empty stomach every morning. I do not know what its scientific elements are. But after consuming this, I live among you all for 18 hours continuously and I am also saved from Covid. I want to show that I also drink. ‘

Surendra Singh’s viral video:

In this video recorded by himself, he is also seen questioning scientists. He further says that I am convinced that control of pandemic like corona can be achieved only by consuming cow urine or cow extracts. Science will not accept the intake of cow urine. There are so many scientists, but still the world is falling prey to Covid, they have all failed. In such a situation, a person should take the trust of God and accept the tradition of his ancestors. Pointing to the product of Patanjali, he says that you can consume it comfortably for 10 days. If you do not have that much, then take any cow’s urine. I am putting my personal experience in front of you. ‘

In this video it can be seen that he himself keeps the urine in a glass of water and he claims that he also drinks daily. The video is not only viral on social media, but also released by news agency ANI. People are also commenting on this video in various ways.

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