Watch | Auto driver Mohsin saves girl from committing suicide by coming in front of a moving train

Timely intervention of an auto driver named Mohsin stopped a girl from ending her life coming in front of a moving train in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. A video capturing this moment has surfaced. In the video clip, the girl can be seen waiting for the train to arrive at a closed gate at a railway crossing as a train was about to pass by. She was wearing a blue suit and covered her face with a white dupatta. As the train approached the railway crossing, the girl ran to the track. By now the people present there had realized that she was going to commit suicide.

Auto driver Mohsin, who was also waiting at the crossing. He saw the woman on the railway track and the oncoming train. Not caring for his own life, he rushes to thwart the girl’s suicide attempt. When she tried to resist, he grabbed her hand tightly and forcibly pulled her safely. The whole incident was recorded in a camera.

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If that auto driver had not shown his presence of mind and bravery and had not come forward to her rescue, the girl would have been hit by the train. Later, several others surrounded the girl and tried to pacify her as she was extremely emotional. Some people can be heard saying “Give her water”.

The people present there asked about her problem but she was not telling anything to anyone. The guard posted at the railway gate gathered information about her relatives called them at the spot. The family took her with them. It is being told that the girl has studied MBA and is in depression due to lack of job and poor health.

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