Watch | Anjana Om Kashyap faces another humiliation as she was shown exit door by Indian diplomat Sneha Dubey

Anjana Om Kashyap and Aaj Tak had to face a lot of embarrassing moments while covering PM Modi’s visit to US in last few days. This time Anjana Om Kashyap has been shown the way out by Sneha Dubey, India’s official at the United Nations, who has hit out at Pakistan.

Anjana Om Kashyap is currently in the US to cover Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US tour. Meanwhile, at the UN General Assembly, Indian official Sneha Dubey slammed Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech, exposing Pakistan’s terrorist face to the world. After that, Sneha Dubey’s speech was discussed all over the world. This was also noticed by the media in India and throughout the day Sneha Dubey was in the headlines of the media in the country.

Meanwhile, Anjana Om Kashyap entered Sneha Dubey’s room live in the evening bulletin and started asking questions. But Sneha Dubey refused to talk to Anjana Om Kashyap and said that she had put what she wanted to say at the right place. Not only that, she also warned Anjana Om Kashyap to go out.

The video of the whole incident has now gone viral on social media. The video has been shared so many times on Twitter from a Twitter handle named Roshan Rai. Not only that, Anjana Om Kashyap breaks into Sneha Dubey’s room trying to use her for TRP, but Sneha Dubey showed her the way out.

This video of her is becoming fiercely viral on social media and people are praising Sneha Dubey’s attitude. At the same time, there is a lot of criticism for the irresponsible attitude of Anjana Om Kashyap.

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