Watch: Anchor Nidhi Razdan couldn’t stop her laugh when panelist says ‘Ranveer Singh’s bum is a national issue’

A video of the anchor unable to stop laughing while discussing the FIR filed against actor Ranveer Singh for his nude photoshoot for a magzine on NDTV is going viral on social media.

The NDTV discussion was about the case against Ranveer Singh for the nude photo shoot. The discussion was led by Nidhi Razdan. Vedika Choubey, an NGO official who filed a complaint against Ranveer Singh, also participated in the discussion. 

During the discussion, Nidhi Razdan asked Chaubey, “Why are you so uncomfortable frankly with him being naked, I don’t understand? What is vulgar about it?” To this Vedika replied, “Of course this is vulgar, we can see his (Ranveer Singh’s) ‘bum’, his video is with me he is completely nude in that video.”

Hearing the ‘bumbastic’ answer, the anchor couldn’t control herself and started laughing. The complainant then said, “You may laugh madam but this is a national issue.”

Other panelist who participated in the discussion are also seen laughing. Netizens were also quick to respond to the hillarious clip.

With this, the video went viral on social media. Social media is asking if Ranveer Singh’s nude picture is the biggest issue in the country. Many memes have already gone viral. This is how they responded:

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