Watch: Actor Will Smith punches presenter Chris Rock on Oscars 2022 stage for joke about wife Jada

In Oscars 2022, famous Actor Will Smith punched Presenter Chris Rock. According to the information, Presenter Chris Rock commented about the hair of Will Smith’s wife, which was annoyed to Will Smith. He stood up and went to the stage and then punched Chris Rock.

Chris Rock made fun of Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith regarding the film G.I Jane. Commenting on Jada’s baldness, he said that Jada cannot wait for G.I Jane 2. Because the look of the lead actress in the film was bald. Whereas Jada has got it removed due to the disease of baldness named Alopecia. Smith did not like this joke being made on his wife and he expressed his displeasure by punching Chris in the middle of the show.

Chris Rock stood still for a while after being punched. Will told him not to take his wife’s name out of his mouth again, and Chris replied that he wouldn’t. Along with the people involved in the Oscars 2022 Ceremony, the public watching the event on TV was also shocked. Within minutes, Will Smith and Chris Rock started trending on Twitter. There are a lot of discussions going on about both.

Will Smith punches presenter Chris Rock on Oscars 2022 stage

Will Smith was nominated at the Oscars this year for his film King Richard. He won the Oscar Award for Best Actor for this film. The film is the story of King Richard, tennis player Serena Williams and Richard Williams, father of Venus Williams. In this, Richard’s passion and passion to make his children the best players have been shown. Will received appreciation from all over the world for his work in the film.

Taking his award, Will Smith also apologized to everyone for punching Chris Rock. He said, ‘I want to apologize to the academy. I also want to apologize to my fellow nominee. Art shows real life. I sound like a cynical father like Richard Williams. But love makes you do crazy things.

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