Watch | AAP leader Sanjay Singh smashed out Rubika Liyaquat, Asks- Are you a slave of Modi and Adani?

There is an uproar over agriculture laws these days. The farmers are on a continuous strike. The farmers are also getting support from the opposition parties. The government is presenting these laws as the interest of the farmers. Debates are taking place everyday on this issue over time.

In the same sequence, on Friday (December 18, 2020) at 5 pm on the news channel ABP News, there was a fierce debate between Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh and news channel journalist Rubika Liaquat in the ongoing debate on agricultural laws. Seeing this, the debate turned into a tension. Sanjay Singh called Rubika Liaqat a slave of Modi and Adani and said that you people are enslaving Adani and Modi.

Rubika Liaquat also hit back at Sanjay Singh, saying on whose lap he is seated. He strongly reprimanded Sanjay Singh for expressing strong objection to his channel being sold and asked for forgiveness but asked Sanjay Singh Remained adamant and kept calling Rubika a slave.

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BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia was also in the debate. It happened that the anchor had raised the question, “The bill that you also supported for the prosperity of farmers and now taking U-turn?” Singh replied to this – If the bills were being made for prosperity then the farmers should have listened. When there was an atmosphere of disaster and epidemic in the country, then why did it pass through Ordinance without discussing the bill in the stolen Parliament? Adani is given 100 acres of land in Haryana on May 7 and ordinance comes on June 5, so whose bill was it for prosperity? For Adani and Ambaniā€¦ which you said they can do unlimited storage. He will buy and store fruits, paddy, wheat and vegetables at a cheap price and when there will be a shortage in the market, they will sell it at expensive prices.

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