Was anchor Deepak Chaurasia drunk? Viral video shows journalist’s unusual behaviour during a live show

Deepak Chaurasia drunk: A video of News Nation channel anchor Deepak Chaurasia is going viral on social media. This video is from his channel in which he is anchoring. It is seen in the video that Deepak Chaurasia is paying tribute to martyr CDS Bipin Rawat. During this his words are not coming out properly. In many places, he is taking the name of the late general wrong, while in many places he is calling the general a journalist. This video is becoming increasingly viral. People are getting a lot of reactions on the viral video.

In the video that is going viral, it can be seen that Deepak Chaurasia was hosting the show in a different way and due to which many people were surprised. Journalist Mohammad Zubair shared the video and asked if he was not well. And why was he dropped from his show ‘Desh Ki Bahas’ within minutes of hosting the show?

Zubair further raised questions as to why his show was not uploaded on YouTube. He further said that while paying tribute to CDS General Bipin Rawat, he called him VP Singh and made many mistakes. Zubair then shared a picture of Chaurasia dancing and singing at a wedding and wrote, “The possibility of him being unwell is ruled out as he was seen singing and dancing in a marriage function yesterday.”

Deepak Chaurasia drunk?

As soon as the video surfaced on social media, many users started commenting and a section of users even said that he looked drunk. Another user said that Deepak Chaurasia has called General Rawat a journalist.

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