Want to look young at 30? This face mask will be best for you!

Many women have oily skin, due to which they have to bear the pain of pimple all the time. In such a situation, a face pack of sandalwood powder can be of great use to them.

If you want beautiful and fair skin, then start applying sandalwood face pack from now on. If you are not able to understand with which ingredients sandalwood powder should be mixed to make a face mask, then below are given such Face Masks (face packs) to help you which can be easily made at home.

Use a face mask rich in Vitamin C to get rid of forehead wrinkles. Vitamin C is found in abundance in fruits. Make a paste of fruit peels and apply it on your face. Now massage your face with light hands. By doing this your forehead wrinkles will disappear in a few days.

To remove the wrinkles of the forehead, take a bowl of curd. And then add rose water along with lemon to it and mix it well. Now apply this paste on the forehead. Doing this will eliminate wrinkles in a few days.

Use linseed oil to remove forehead wrinkles. If you want, you can also consume two spoons of flaxseed oil daily. Mix flaxseed oil with coconut oil and apply it on your face. By doing this your wrinkles will go away in a few days.

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