Virginia man wins lottery worth $250k when stops to have a coffee

If you ever go out on a journey, then you too must have stopped for some time for tea and snacks on the way. But have you thought that a two minute break of tea can change your luck or make you a millionaire? The same thing happened to a man, when he stopped for a coffee on the way, his luck changed and he became the owner of $200k in a jiffy.

When Miguel Morals stopped for a coffee at the gas station in the car, he got the jackpot there. It so happened that while having coffee, he thought of buying a lottery ticket. When he scratched it, it was found that a lottery of 250k has come out on his coupon number.

Miguel, who arrived at the Virginia Lottery office to collect the prize money, told that when he stopped at a food mart at the gas station, all he had to do was get a coffee. Apart from this, he had no other intention, but when he went inside, there were lottery coupons there. After which he decided to buy Gold Jackpot lottery ticket.

He told that even while taking the ticket, he did not think that he was going to win any prize money or win the top prize, but when he scratched the card, he found the biggest prize which was $250,000.

Miguel said, “I could not believe that I could win such a huge amount of prizes. It was like a dream.” At present, when he has won such a huge amount, he intends to use this amount to take care of his family. Obviously he will save as well. Well, this is not the first time that someone has won a bumper draw due to a ticket without heart.

A few days ago a man from Missouri told how he had to stop after his car broke down where he bought a lottery ticket. When he scratched it, he was already the owner of 1 million dollars. The man told that his car was overheating for which he had to stop at a store and this is where the idea of getting a ticket came.

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