Virat Kohli reaches 200 million Instagram followers, becomes 3rd most followed sports celebrity in the world

Virat Kohli reaches 200 million Instagram followers: Indian run machine Virat Kohli has been going through his worst phase on the field for quite some time now. However, despite this, his fan followers are continuously increasing. Virat may be failing inside the field at the moment, but off the field he has created a new history. Former captain Virat is the man with the most Instagram followers in India, and now he has scored a ‘double century’ in this matter. Virat has become the first cricketer in the world to have 200 million fans on the social media platform Instagram. Even though Kohli has not scored a century in the last two years, he has scored a double century on Instagram.

Kohli has become the first person in India to have 200 million followers on Instagram. If you look at the list of followers of all the sports legends around the world, then Kohli comes at number three in this. The most followed on Instagram worldwide is Portugal’s star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo followed by Argentine footballer Lionel Messi. Ronaldo is followed by 451 million (45.1 crore) and Messi 334 million (33.4 crore) fans.

After completing 200 million followers on Instagram, Virat has shared a special video from his Instagram account. After achieving a special achievement, he has thanked the fans. For this, Kohli has thanked his fans and followers for their unconditional support. Kohli said, ‘200 million strong. Thank you for all the Insta support.’ Virat also has 49 million followers on Facebook.

Most followed sports legends

Cristiano Ronaldo – 451 million
Lionel Messi – 334 million
Virat Kohli – 200 million
Neyman Jr – 175 million
LeBron James- 123 Million.

How much does Kohli earn from a post on Instagram?

According to reports, when it comes to Kohli’s earnings, former Indian captain Kohli is ranked 19th in terms of earning from Instagram posts. He is the highest earning player from Instagram posts in India. Virat charges around $680000 for a paid Instagram post. His net worth is around $127 million (approximately 950 crores).

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