Viral One-Leg Girl From Bihar Gets a Tricycle, Sonu Sood Extends Help

Viral One-Leg Girl From Bihar Gets a Tricycle: Actor and social worker Sonu Sood has once again won everyone’s heart. Sonu is no less than an angel for the needy. As soon as he gets the information, he extends his helping hand. Now he has come forward to help the daughter Seema of Bihar. Seema, who is studying in the fourth grade, is handicapped with one leg, but her passion for studies is such that she travels a kilometer to school by jumping on one foot.

Significantly, the girl we are talking about is handicapped with one leg. In the desire to study, she travels one kilometer to the school every day on one foot. When this matter came to the notice of Sonu Sood, he decided to help the girl. Sonu Sood shared the video of the handicapped girl on Twitter and wrote,  “Aab yeh ek nahi, dono pairon par kud kar school jayegi. Ticket bhej rha hun, chaliye dono pairon par chalne ka samay aa gya (Now, she will hop on both of her legs. I am sending the ticket, it’s time to walk on both of her legs).”

Seema lost one leg in a road accident. In the desire of studies, she travels a kilometer away to a government school every day. Seema dreams that she grows up to become a teacher.

Significantly, Seema has got a tricycle. The DM, SP and other officials themselves went and handed over the tricycle to Seema. The measurement has also been taken for the prosthetic leg. Seema has many more people wanting to help.

Let us inform that earlier Sonu Sood had come forward to help the viral Sonu of Nalanda, Bihar. Then, taking full responsibility of Sonu’s education, he also offered to enroll him in a private school in Bihta, Patna, but 11-year-old Sonu turned down the film star’s offer. He said that if Chief Minister Nitish Kumar does not get me admitted in a better school, then he will definitely go to Sonu Sood.

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