Vidya Balan Refuses to Have Dinner With Minister, Minister Stops Her Film’s Shooting And Says ‘She Requested me’

In Madhya Pradesh, actress Vidya Balan allegedly has been stopped from shooting after she turned down an invitation to a minister’s dinner. The film ‘Sherni’ is being shot in Madhya Pradesh. Vidya Balan has been in Madhya Pradesh for the last few weeks to shoot in the forest. Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs Vijay Shah invited Vidya Balan to a dinner party. Vidya declined the invitation. The next day, the Forest Department stopped the vehicles of the production team that had gone to the forest for the shooting. The shooting stopped when the DFO said only two vehicles could be allowed. But the minister denied the allegations. He said he had declined the invitation. He said he was informed that he would meet her when he will visit Maharashtra.

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The Congress has targeted the BJP government on this issue and targeted the Forest Minister. At the same time, a response has also been given by the Forest Minister Vijay Shah on this whole matter.

Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha has targeted the Forest Minister Vijay Shah in the matter of stopping shooting of the film. Vivek Tankha has said that Madhya Pradesh minister’s actions have embarrassed the state. Tankha said that this is the scale of the moral thinking of the BJP. With this action of the forest minister, how Bollywood will think about Madhya Pradesh and governance? He said that the Forest Minister has done the work of embarrassing the state but it is not going to affect the BJP. Before Vivek Tankha, Congress leader Narendra Saluja also surrounded the Shivraj government on this issue when he said that the state government should apologize for this.

In the midst of attacks by the Congress, Forest Minister Vijay Shah reacted to the matter. The Forest Minister has said on this matter that the production team had taken permission from the government for shooting in Balaghat, after which the team requested for dinner with me but I had to go to Maharashtra so I refused dinner . On the charges of stopping the shooting, the forest minister said that the DFO had stopped the trains going for the shoot because two generators used to go for the shooting but many generators were being carried that day and hence the trains were stopped.

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