Vice journalist Angad Singh blacklisted for making documentary film on farmers’ protest and Covid-19!

According to Livelaw, the Delhi high court has been informed by the Union government that Vice News journalist Angad Singh has been placed on a “blacklist” despite holding an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card.

According to Indian Express, an affidavit filed by the Foreigners Regional Registration Office stated that in his documentary, Singh portrayed India in a negative light. The affidavit further stated, “Singh is a blacklisted subject who was blacklisted at the request of the Consulate-General of India with the instructions that if he ever arrives in India, he should not be allowed to enter and the Consulate-General will be informed of the same.”

The Delhi High Court Justice Prathiba M Singh was hearing a plea from Singh against the Union government’s refusal to let him enter India. The affidavit states that Singh was blacklisted at the suggestion of the Consulate General of India in New York and was deported from Delhi to New York in August 2022.

Union government’s attorney, Anurag Ahluwalia, stated in court that Singh is considered a “blacklisted subject” due to an alleged violation of Section 11A of the Foreigners Order, 1948. This section prohibits foreigners from creating any picture, film or documentary without written approval from the Union government.

Angad Singh filed a case in court against the Union government’s decision to prevent his entry to India. He argued that the government’s action was “illegal” and in violation of Articles 14, 21 and 25 of the Indian constitution, and that he holds an OCI card. He also mentioned that his OCI card was issued to him in March 2007 and was renewed in August 2018.

Advocate Swathi Sukumar, who represents Singh in court, stated that Singh’s OCI card is still valid and has not been revoked. Ahluwalia requested time to obtain instructions and file a response on whether any show cause notice or proceedings were initiated to cancel Singh’s OCI card.

The court granted two weeks for Ahluwalia to submit an affidavit. In his plea, Singh alleged that his fundamental right under the Citizenship Act, 1955 is being violated by the government’s refusal to allow him to enter India.

He also requested the court to prevent the government from violating his rights. Previously, Singh’s counsel requested a declaration that his deportation was illegal and disclosure of all materials and data related to him available with the government.

In his documentaries, Angad Singh has reported on significant topics such as the Shaheen Bagh protests, the farmers’ protests, and the Covid-19 pandemic in India, among others.