Varun Gandhi gives ultimatum to BJP by sharing video of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

The new tweet of Varun Gandhi, MP from Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh has again become a topic of discussion in the media. Varun Gandhi, who is less active on Twitter, has made 8 tweets in the last 40 days. Of these, the 8th tweet is related to the late former Prime Minister and senior BJP leader Atal Vihar Vajpayee. In this tweet, Vajpayee is seen giving a speech in support of farmers.

After being ousted from the list of BJP’s national executive, many political pundits are speculating that Varun Gandhi may leave BJP after 17 years. Meanwhile, Varun Gandhi has tweeted that part of a speech of senior BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1980 in which he is supporting the farmers’ movement.

For the past few days, Varun Gandhi has been vocally speaking about the farmers’ movement. He is the only BJP MP who supported the farmers during the Lakhimpur violence and demanded action. After which the BJP showed both him and his mother Maneka Gandhi the way out of the party’s executive parliamentary committee. From where the bitterness between BJP and Varun Gandhi started. Varun Gandhi started sharpening his attitude from here.

Recently, Varun Gandhi had made a tweet which became the subject of much discussion. In this tweet, he had warned that some people want to make the Lakhimpur incident a Hindu-Sikh fight. His gesture was believed to be for the high command of his own party. However, he did not name anyone. This time also he did not write anyone’s name in the tweet. The caption simply reads ‘Wise words from big-hearted leader….’

The video of Atal Bihari Vajpayee tweeted by Varun Gandhi is 41 years old in which he is giving a speech in support of the farmers’ movement against the then government. If you watch this video even in today’s context, it means that farmers are not afraid of the government.

The total meaning of all the speculations is being taken that Varun Gandhi has blown the bugle against the BJP through the farmers’ movement. But officially he has not spoken anything about the party and the high command.

Many meanings are being extracted from this tweet of Varun Gandhi. Some people believe that Varun Gandhi has given an ultimatum to BJP, if everything does not go well then he can leave the party. Second, even though I may have been expelled from the Executive Parliamentary Committee, but I am not afraid, I will continue to raise my voice in support of the farmers. The third meaning can be that the Modi government should not try to scare the farmers and do not consider them weak. I am with them in this fight of farmers.

The big question is whether Varun will leave the party or will he continue to do Khilafat by staying in the party. In a party where leaders are unable to breathe, it is difficult for Varun Gandhi to speak. Varun Gandhi turns to some other side after leaving the party, only time will tell. In the year 2019, Varun Gandhi had told reporters that if I will retire from politics after the day I leave BJP.

Through this new tweet, Varun Gandhi has given a clear indication that now he is not going to sit silent. Very few people would know about Varun Gandhi that he has also written a book named ‘A Rural Manifesto’ on the condition of farmers.

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