UP villagers build ‘Corona Mata’ temple, seek divine blessings to rid them of the Virus

The construction of ‘Corona Mata‘ temple built in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh was demolished by the police. On the information about the construction of the Corona Mata temple, the police, who arrived in the night itself, demolished its construction. Police said that people were worshiping Corona Mata and people were spreading superstition on Corona.

Village head Shankarlal Jaiswal told that around 9 o’clock in the night the local police came and demolished the temple and took the youth, who built the temple, to the police station for questioning in the morning.

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The young man was brought to the police station for questioning
When SO Sangipur Tusar Dutt Tyagi was talked to about this, he says that we do not have any information about breaking the temple, nor have we brought anyone to the police station for questioning. He said that the police is busy with the panchayat by-elections.

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Idol installed on 7th June
Let us tell you that when there were three deaths due to pandemic in the entire Juhi (Shukulpur) of Sangipur, people got scared. Following the initiative of Lokesh Srivastava of the village, the villagers got the idol of Corona Mata installed on June 7. The idol prepared on a special order was installed near a neem tree in the village and named it Corona Mata Mandir. The villagers believed that the ancestors considered smallpox to be the form of Mother Sheetla and now Corona is also a form of Mother Goddess.

These rules were made in the temple
The villagers claimed that this is the world’s first Corona Mata temple. This is also written in the temple. Some messages are also written on the walls of the temple. Like please apply mask before darshan, wash your hands, visit from afar. Not only this, it has been written on one side that please do not touch the idol while taking selfie, on the other side, please offer only yellow colored flowers, fruits, clothes, sweets, etc.

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