UP Police picked up a Muslim youth on suspicion of putting up Pakistani flag, but turned out to be religious flag

On Monday October 18 afternoon, the Uttar Pradesh police took a muslim youth of Shravasti district of Uttar Pradesh into custody for putting up the Pakistani flag.

When the matter caught fire, the flag was examined. After investigation, the police admitted that this was done to spread chaos. Actually, the whole incident is of Giloula town where people of the Muslim community of the area had put up religious flags on the houses due to 12 Rabi-ul-Awal.

Meanwhile, the police suddenly reached a house. After reaching there, a person was taken along for custodial interrogation posing as a Pakistani flag. According to sources, the police are told on the spot that they should search about the flag on Google. But the police does not believe anything and takes the person with them. It is being told that the police threatened to ruin the life of the alleged accused.

The matter escalated so fast that the pressure on the police started coming. Phone calls started coming from many places. Local people reached the police station. Seeing the matter growing, the police checked the flag in the police station itself, which did not find anything objectionable in the end. After which the police released the youth.

Shravasti Police’s media cell in-charge Dilip Yadav said that some people had complained against the person. For which the police had gone to interrogate him. He was brought to the police station to check the genuineness of the flag. Also said that the young man was released as soon as the reality was known.

Local people say that, the police themselves admitted that a BJP worker had sent the photo, but the police kept avoiding taking his name. Even no inquiry was held on the allegation of spreading rumours. Whereas the matter could have escalated considerably. On the contrary, pressure was put on the police to arrest the young man. However, the police, seeing the urgency of the spot, police let the youth go and said that there was nothing in the flag to reveal anything objectionable.

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