UP Horror: 50-yr-old anganwadi worker ‘gang-raped, killed at temple she visited for prayers, 2 arrested

The country has not even completely forgotten the case of Hathras that a crime-breaking incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh. A 50-yr-old anganwadi worker was murdered in UP’s Badaun district after a gang-rape. An attempt was made to put a rod-like thing in her private part. A fracture was found in one of her legs. Serious injuries were found in many other places on the body. On social media, this incident is being compared to the Nirbhaya case. There is also a temple priest among the three accused. Two accused have been arrested. In this case, serious negligence of the police has also come to light.

50-yr-old anganwadi worker

The woman with whom the incident took place was an Anganwadi assistant. It is being told that this incident was done in the temple premises itself. On Sunday, January 3, the woman went to worship in the temple of her village. The victim’s son told-

“My mother went to worship in the temple on the evening of January 3. After a long time, the Mahant of the temple came in a car with his companions. They called us and said that my mother had fallen into the well and she had died. The body was covered in blood. Mahant ran away keeping my mother’s body at the door.

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The victim’s son said that after this we went to the police to complain. I told the police that it was Mahant who killed my mother. Despite this, the police did not take action. The family members of the woman allege that the police first kept them saying falling into the well as the cause of death. Postmortem of the dead body was not done for two days. When this matter cropped up in the media, the police went on to register an FIR against the accused. After that a postmortem of the body was done on January 5, in which rape and serious injuries on the body were confirmed.

Accusations of serious negligence on police
It is being told that for two days, the accused were present in the village itself. But the police did not think it right to take them into custody. Two of the three accused have been arrested after questions were raised. The main accused Mahant Satyanarayana is absconding. The names of the arrested accused are Vedaram and Satyapal. Vedram is Mahant’s disciple and Satyapal the driver.

Now due to negligence, the police station Raghavendra Pratap has been suspended. SSP Sankalp Sharma of Badaun told-

“We got information about this incident on January 5. The family members of the victim have accused three people of gangrape and murder. A case has been registered against the trio under sections 376 (d) and 302 of the IPC. Rape and injury have been confirmed in the postmortem. At present, two accused have been arrested. The main accused will also be arrested soon. “

The DM of Badaun said that the sympathies of the entire administration are with the family. Family will also be provided security if required.

Mahant’s statement also surfaced
A statement by the main accused Mahant Satyanarayana has also come up. In this, the Mahant says that the woman had fallen into the well. This was known when he heard the screams of the woman. After this, the woman was called and the woman was removed from the well. Then I left the woman till her house in an injured state.

Yogi government on the target of opposition
Opposition parties have launched a political attack on the Yogi Adityanath government of UP regarding this barbaric incident. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra questioned the Uttar Pradesh government’s intention to protect women. She tweeted and said-

“The government staff in Hathras did not listen to the complainant initially, the government saved the officers and suppressed the voice of the victims. In Badaun, the SHO did not listen to the complainant. Did not even check the spot. There is a flaw in the intention of the UP government on women’s safety. “

However, a reward of Rs 50 thousand has been declared on the absconding main accused in the Badaun gang-rape-murder case and 4 teams have been engaged in search of it.

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