UP: Gang of Gorakhpur Police looted Rs 30 lakhs from two gold merchants, 12 arrested

So far only the incidents of harassment or illegal recovery were heard from the police. But some of the police officers of UP Police have gone ten steps ahead of this. In fact, the UP Police has arrested these khaki uniformed “Daroga-Sepoy” gang in Gorakhpur Police.

Gorakhpur Police

A gang of few police officers from UP Police was busted on Thursday by the police. The names of the robbers involved in the gang are constable Dharmendra Yadav (present deployment colony), sepoy Santosh Yadav and Mahendra Yadav. Arrested Sub-Inspector Dharmendra Yadav is originally from Gorakhpur, while his well-mannered-robbers Mahendra and Santosh are residents of Ghazipur and Mau districts respectively. This dangerous gang of Daroga-Sepoy is accused that this gang kidnapped two gold traders from Gorakhpur railway station first.

After this, these khaki uniformed robbers of the gang took both the gold merchants to the naval police station area. According to the allegation, this gang of UP police looted gold of Rs 11 lakh and cash of Rs 19 lakh from both the traders. The special thing behind this incident was that in order to save the travails of the department, the Gorakhpur police destroyed this gang of policemen within 24 hours.

CCTV footage revealed the case
DIG Range and SSP Gorakhpur Jogendra Kumar also inspected the site itself. It was only then they realised that their own officers have executed this gold heist. According to the Gorakhpur police officers, the name of the robbed traders is Deepak Verma and Ramu Verma. Both of them have a big business of jewelery in Maharajganj. On the day of the incident, khaki robbers caught both of them by bus. In the investigation of this incident, it is said that CCTV footage proved to be very useful.

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On Thursday, Gorakhpur district police captain Jogendra Singh told, “Three different teams were formed to nab these people. It was necessary to catch them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, these people could get away with loot. It has not even taken the district police 24 hours to unveil the incident. ” The SSP further said, “Both the gold traders had around 11 lakh gold and 19 lakh rupees in cash at the time of the incident. Both traders were going to Lucknow. This incident was executed on the way. “

According to the SSP, “After getting off the train in Gorakhpur, both the traders boarded the UP Roadways bus to go to Lucknow. Then people in police uniform reached both of them in the bus. One of the perpetrators of the incident said that he was in charge of the Naval Police Post. At the same time, they took the traders down from the bus for investigation. When the traders protested, the robbers with khaki uniforms threatened to arrest them and put them in jail. “

After being robbed, the police gang pushed the victims out of the auto. Later, when traders told the whole matter to the policemen on the outpost, there was a stampede in the department. For the moment, Gorakhpur police did a big job by revealing this gang. The district police also managed to save the respect of the department. The second aspect of the picture is that, what is the Gorakhpur police doing on this act, even the entire UP police could not stop themselves from being ashamed on Thursday.

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