UP: Dalit family was murdered in unrequited love, mad lover and his friends gang-raped the daughter

Dalit Family Murder: In the murder case of 4 people of the same family in Gohari village of Phaphamau, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, the police has revealed the incident by arresting an accused. According to the police, a 4-member Dalit family was murdered in the affair of unrequited love. Accused youth Pawan Saroj along with his friends raped the girl and then killed her parents and brother. The police have sent samples of the accused for DNA test. The police also said that the deceased was not a minor and the section of the POCSO Act has been removed from the case.

Regarding the incident, ADG Zone Prem Prakash told that accused Pawan Kumar Saroj son Ramkumar, resident of Tharwai, committed atrocities with the girl in one sided love. After that the whole family was murdered. The accused person has admitted to the involvement of his friends in the incident.

ADG Zone told that Pawan Saroj was continuously harassing the girl and was messaging her for several days. The girl rejected his love. Despite the girl’s repeated refusal, Pawan did not agree. The girl had sent the last message on the accused’s phone by writing ‘I hate you’. According to the police, the mad lover lost his temper after seeing the message of ‘I hate you’ on WhatsApp. After this, he along with his friends first raped the girl. After that the whole family was murdered.

According to the police, every aspect of this murder mystery of the Dalit family was being investigated. During the investigation, the police found the mobile of the deceased girl, after which the mystery of the murder was solved.

The police reached the murderer youth through the girl’s WhatsApp message. Based on the message, the police arrested a young man named Pawan Saroj. In the last message on the girl’s phone, Pawan Saroj made a flower and sent it by writing ‘I love you’. In response, the deceased girl wrote ‘I hate you’. Police said that the accused youth is illiterate, so he used to send messages to the girl through voice typing. He had saved the girl’s number in the name of Gori Ma’am.

ADG Zone Prem Prakash told that the deceased was a student of BA. Her date of birth is recorded as June 1996 in the marksheet. Investigation revealed that the deceased was the eldest child of the parents, so she wanted to raise the family financially. She wanted to study and join the army.

Police said that since the girl is an adult, the sections of POCSO are being removed on this basis. Rape has been confirmed in this case. The report that has come so far. It has come to the fore that rape has happened, but medical opinion is being taken about how many people did it. The police also told that the accused is not cooperating in the investigation. The clothes, blood samples of the accused are being sent for DNA test. After the report of the investigation comes, the role of the youth in the murder will be clear. At present, the police is looking for other accomplices involved in the incident.

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