UP: 2 times ex-BJP MLA beaten fiercely for molesting student, video goes viral

In Varanasi, the chairman of a prestigious college and ex-BJP MLA was beaten fiercely by the family members of the student along with the locals. The chairman then apologized after getting beaten up, after which the family did not complain about the matter to the police. However, when the video of the entire incident went viral, the family of the chairman appeared quite hurt by this incident.
The case is related to Bhagatuwa of Chaubepur police station area of ​​Varanasi, where the chairman of MP Institute and Computer Application College, Maya Shankar Pathak was accused of molesting a student.

The video recording went viral as soon as the entire case was connected to the former BJP MLA. Mayashankar Pathak is a two-time BJP MLA from Chiragaon Assembly. He has opened an engineering college on village Balua Pahadia Marg.

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At the same time, two videos have emerged regarding the beating with the former BJP MLA, in which one is being beaten in his chamber of college and in the other, there is a video of him being beaten by sitting in an open chair in the campus. In the video, while the former MLA is seen apologizing for the misconduct, the incident of incest and harassment by several angry people has been captured on camera.

Earlier, Mayashankar Pathak, who was an MLA in the Kalyan Singh government, had also stoned and beaten journalists in front of the SSP office in Kachari in Varanasi. This matter later reached the rule. At the same time, after winning again on the party ticket, the college was opened.

Maya Shankar Pathak, who was a BJP MLA, used to run a lot in governance. Now he is in discussion about his wrong conduct. There is a lot of discussion in the area after the video went viral to this effect. Regarding the matter, the chairman could not be contacted, while Chubepur police station in-charge SK Shukla told a news organization that no FIR has been found in this regard, the matter is being investigated on the basis of the video.

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