Unique remorse of BJP workers in Bengal; 200 workers shaved their head to join TMC

Strange things are happening in the politics of the country these days. Opposition parties across the country cry out BJP for breaking their leaders, workers and MLAs, but West Bengal is one such state in the country where BJP is accusing Mamata Banerjee of breaking its leaders.

Since the end of the assembly elections, there has been a competition among BJP leaders and workers to join TMC. There has been a stampede in the BJP. BJP leaders and workers now want to join TMC at any cost even if they have to shave their head! The case is of Hooghly in West Bengal. Not one or two, but 200 BJP workers collectively got themselves shaved on Tuesday and joined the TMC.

All these workers told that we made a mistake by leaving TMC. Joining a party like BJP was no less than a sin. So we want to atone for our sins by shaving our heads. All these BJP workers took a bath in the ‘Ganga Jal’ after shaving and rejoined the TMC.

After this, all these workers held the TMC flag by holding the hand of local MP Aparupa Poddar in Arambagh area and raised slogans of Mamata didi Zindabad. On this occasion, food was also arranged for everyone on behalf of MP Aparupa Poddar.

It is said that most of the people who joined TMC from BJP were from Dalit community. On the occasion, these people said that BJP is not only anti-Dalit but anti-humanity party. To be associated with such a party was no less than a sin. Now we are back at the right place. We had made a mistake by leaving the hand of our Mamta didi. Didi is our own, not BJP’s. Didi has become CM for the third time. Didi will take Bengal forward.

The workers said that peace and tranquility resides in the soil of Bengal. BJP people want to spoil it. Want to disturb the peace of Bengal. It is known that there are continuous reports of BJP workers joining the collective TMC from different areas of Bengal.

Mamata Banerjee did not appear to be willing to take the people who went out of the party, but then BJP workers all over Bengal started dharna, demonstration, hunger strike. Many BJP leaders have even claimed that we cannot live without Didi. We will not stay in BJP, take us back to TMC. Probably for the first time in the history of India such things are happening.

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