Union Minister and BJP MP, Babul Supriyo Schooled by Hanuma Vihari Over Tweet Criticising Cricketer’s ‘Slow’ Batting at SCG

On the last day of the Sydney Test, Hanuma Vihari batted despite being injured and drew the match. But Union Minister Babul Supriyo had criticized Vihari’s batting. He had said that Hanuma Vihari destroyed India’s hopes of winning. The Union Minister has now received a strong reply on this. He was schooled by both Vihari and Ravichandran Ashwin. In his reply, Vihari has corrected the mess caused with his name in Supriyo’s tweet. Hanuma Vihari replied to Babul Supriyo on January 13. Now his tweet is gaining much accolades. People are praising him a lot. At the same time, Ashwin also joked on Supriyo’s tweet. He posted a screenshot of the tweet of the two and put an emoji of laughter.

Let us first know what Babul Supriyo, Union Minister of State for Environment, said. He tweeted at the time of India’s batting on the last day of the Sydney’s Test. At that time Hanuma Vihari and Ravichandran Ashwin were at the crease. Supriyo, cursing Vihari’s batting, wrote, “Took 109 balls to score seven runs”. It would be less to say poor batting. Hanuma Bihari not only destroyed the hopes of India’s historic victory, but also killed cricket. Not having the option to win, however far it is, is a crime. Note- I know that I don’t know anything about cricket. ‘
In his tweet, Supriyo wrote Hanuma Vihari as Bihari. The Indian cricketer has now responded to this. He wrote correcting the name, Hanuma Vihari.

Hanuma Vihari’s reply

At the same time, Ashwin posted a screenshot of Supriyo’s tweet and Vihari’s reply on him. Also put three emojis to laugh.

Supriyo targeted Vihari
Babul Supriyo also defended the tweet targeting Hanuma Vihari on January 11. He said in another tweet,

If Hanuma was a little stressed and standing and hitting fours only on bad balls, then maybe India would have got a historic victory because no one expected what Pant did. And I am saying again that if only bad balls were targeted then it would have worked because Hanuma was a frozen batsman at that time.

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What did supriyo forget
On his tweet, Babul Supriyo, BJP MP from Asansol, was trolled a lot by the cricket fans. But he did not agree. Supriyo forgot that Hanuma Vihari had a hamstring stretch. He was able to stand with great difficulty. He was able to play after applying strep with the help of physio. He remained at the crease for the team. During this time, his health deteriorated further. After the match was over, he was completely exhausted and reached the dressing room using the bat. He was also ruled out of the Test in Brisbane due to a hamstring stretch.

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