UN raises questions over Father Stan Swamy’s death, top U.N. official says – Jailing him is inexcusable

After the death of India’s human rights activist Father Stan Swamy, reactions are coming from abroad as well. Officials from the United Nations to the European Union are condoling his death as well as raising questions on the Modi government.

Questioning Swamy’s death, Mary Lawler, the UN Special Envoy on Human Rights, wrote, “The news from India today is devastating. Human Rights Defender & Jesuit priest Fr Stan Swamy has died in custody, nine months after his arrest on false charges of terrorism. Jailing HRDs is inexcusable.”

Apart from this, Eamon Gilmore, Special Representative of the European Union (EU) for Human Rights also expressed doubts about Swamy’s death, saying, “I am deeply saddened to hear about the death of Father Stan Swamy. He was a defender of the rights of the indigenous people. He was kept in custody for the last 9 months. The European Union has repeatedly raised their issue with the authorities.

Actually, a case was registered against Father Stan Swamy in the Bhima Koregaon case. He was under trial, and was in custody for the last 9 months. Swamy was 84 years old and was undergoing treatment at the Holy Family Hospital in Mumbai following a court order.

Father was on ventilator support. His doctor told that “Swamy suffered a cardiac arrest at 4.30 pm on Saturday. And he passed away at 1.30 pm on Tuesday. Reacting on social media, many people have called his death a murder.

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According to the news of ‘Live Law’, he was battling Parkinson’s disease and other diseases. He was also tested Covid positive during treatment. Along with this, his hernia operations were also done. Swamy was the founder of ‘Bagaicha’, an organization dedicated to empowering the tribals.

It is to be noted that the Bombay High Court was about to hear the bail hearing of Father Stan Swamy. His health was very bad. It is being said on the international scene that he was imprisoned on “false charges of terrorism”.

Father Swamy was arrested by the National Security Agency (NIA) in October 2020 in connection with the Bhima Koregaon violence case. On December 31, 2017, a case was registered against Stan Swamy on the basis of speeches made at the Elgaar Parishad program in Pune.

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