Ukrainian soldier blows himself up on bridge to stop Russian tank from invading

Ukrainian soldier blows himself up: The bravery of a Ukrainian soldier is in the news amid the attack by the Russian army. This soldier blew himself up with the bridge to stop Russian tanks. The name of the Ukrainian soldier who laid down his life in the war is Vitaly Shakun. The Ukrainian Army has shared his story on social media, describing Vitaly as a hero.

Actually, Russia Army is attacking Ukraine. In response, from the Ukrainian army to the common man, there is tremendous resistance to it. Meanwhile, news came that the Russian army was advancing rapidly by crossing the bridges built in the Kherson region near Crimea. In such a situation, the Ukrainian Army became alert to stop them.

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According to the report of ‘Daily Mail’, Ukrainian soldier Vitaly Shakun, stationed in the Kherson region, stepped forward and blew himself up along with the bridge. Vitaly did this so that Russian soldiers could not enter the city. It was told that the bridge which was demolished by soldier Vitaly connects Crimea, which is occupied by Russia, with Ukraine. Vitaly was managing the bridge.

Ukrainian soldier blows himself up

While saluting Vitaly’s bravery, the Ukrainian Army said that a Special Marine Battalion was stationed there to compete with Russia. The engineer of this battalion, Vitaly Shakun, took a stand against the Russian army on the Henichesk Bridge near Crimea. The decision was taken to blow up the bridge to prevent Russian tanks from moving towards the capital Kyiv. Vitaly Shakun was called to blow up the bridge. The bridge had to be blown up in such a way that the Russian army could not advance. Vitaly played on his life and carried out the mission till his last breath. But he could not leave from the bridge. This brave soldier died in the explosion in order to blow up the bridge.

Ukrainian soldier blows himself up

According to the report, it has been decided to honor Vitaly posthumously by the army for bravery. At the same time, a senior defense official said that the Russian army is facing more “resistance” from the Ukrainian army than expected. The Russians are not growing on Kiev as fast as they anticipated.

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