Ukrainian actress Oksana Shvets killed in Russian attack in Kyiv

Ukrainian actress Oksana Shvets has been killed in a Russian rocket attack on a residential building in Kyiv. Confirming Oksana’s death, her troupe Young Theater issued a statement. “A qualified artist from Ukraine, Oksana Shvets, was killed during a rocket attack on a residential building in Kyiv,” the statement said. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oksana was 67 years old. She was awarded one of Ukraine’s highest artistic honours, broadly known as the ‘Honored Artist of Ukraine’.

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Biden calls Putin a “war criminal”
US President Joe Biden has described his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as “a war criminal” amid the devastating impact of Russia’s attack on Ukraine on civilians. Reacting sharply to his statement, Russia called it “unforgivable rhetoric” by a head of state. “I think he (Putin) is a war criminal,” Biden told reporters at the White House.

After this, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “I think the President’s comments are enough. He was speaking from heart and he was speaking on the basis of the barbaric actions of a dastardly dictator we saw on television through an attack in another country.”

Progress of Russian forces largely halted: British
However, the British Defense Ministry has claimed that the progress of Russian forces on all fronts in Ukraine has come to a halt. Britain’s defense ministry said Russian forces in the Ukraine war had made minimal progress on land, sea and air in recent days and were suffering heavy losses in the eastern European country. The ministry said that Russian forces’ progress on almost every front in the eastern European country has largely been halted due to strong resistance from Ukrainian forces.

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