Ukraine’s big claim amid Russian shelling, five areas taken back in Kherson

The Russian army has become more aggressive on Ukraine in the past few days. With swift attacks, they have started pushing back Ukrainian troops. Amidst all this, now a big claim has been made by Ukraine. On behalf of Ukraine, it has been said that it has taken back five areas in the southern region of Kherson province from Russia.

The Ukrainian President’s Office said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have evacuated five areas Novosilivka, Novogrigorievka, Nova Kamyanka, Trifonivka, Chervon in the Beriaslav district of Kherson from Russian occupation.

On the other hand, a statement from Ukrainian President Zelensky said that the enemy is targeting Ukrainian posts to prevent retaliation. Indeed, the Ukrainian military announced its retaliation in the south sector in late August.

The threat of the use of nuclear weapons is now increasing in the war that has been going on for almost eight months between the two countries. US President Joe Biden has made a big deal amidst fears of a nuclear attack by Russia. Biden has warned Russia that the Pentagon’s response is ready if it launches a nuclear attack. The Pentagon doesn’t need to ask him for answers.

Biden said in true words that America’s answer to Russia is ready. If Putin used nuclear weapons in Ukraine, then US has made full preparations to deal with it. In a discussion with CNN, Biden said that all possible scenarios of the war have been outlined. It also includes situations arising from the use of nuclear weapons.

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