Ukraine claims – 3 region of South and East taken under control again from Russian forces

Ukraine’s military has regained control of three of its territories occupied by Russian forces. These include controlling two villages in southern Ukraine and one-third of a settlement in the eastern region.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, while announcing this, encouraged the Ukrainian military and said that his army would soon take control of other Russian-held areas as well.

Ukraine’s military high command said on Monday that its military had blocked the movement of local residents by Russian occupation forces in Kherson. But the Ukrainian military retaliated despite several obstacles.

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The deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Kairo Timoshenko, said his army had liberated the Lysichensk-Sivers region from Russian forces in the east and recaptured Vysokoplya and a village in the Kherson region in the south.

Along with Russia, Ukraine is also the biggest focus on this region because these are strategically important areas. Meanwhile, fierce fighting continues in the Dnipro River and its surrounding areas. This river divides the Kherson region.

The Ukrainian offensive focused on isolating Russian forces on the western side of the Dnipro River. On the other hand, the Russian army is attacking four major crossings of the river by increasing the ammunition so that the Ukrainian army cannot enter here. While the Ukrainian military has stepped up its attack, adopting a strategy of forcing Russian troops to retreat or surrender.

On Monday, Ukraine’s Southern Military Command claimed that the 127th Regiment of Russia’s 1st Corps had refused to fight. This is the second time he has said that the Russian army is lagging behind. The Ukrainian military said they were getting all-round support because of the growing discontent in the region against Russia. Fierce fighting is going on between both the sides and there are reports of heavy losses on both the sides.

Ukraine on Monday sailed its deadliest convoy of grain ships since the UN Grain Initiative came into force on August 1. A total of 2,82,500 tons of agricultural products were shipped to eight countries from the ports of Odessa, Konormorsk and Pivdeny on 13 ships. The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure said in a Facebook post that six ships had departed from Pivdenyny, five from Konomorsk and two from Odessa.

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