UK regulator slaps £20,000 fine on Republic Bharat for ‘hate speech’

The British Broadcasting Regulator has imposed a fine of 20,000 euros (about Rs 18 lakh) in the UK on Arnab Goswami’s company, which is licensed to broadcast Republic Bharat Hindi news channel. This penalty has been imposed for violation of rules in ‘Hate Speech’ case. While issuing the order against Worldview Media Network Ltd. on Tuesday, the Office of Communications said, ” ‘Puchhta Hai Bharat’ show has a lot of meaningless hate speech and it is very inflammatory.” This violates rules 2.3, 3.2 and 3.3. ‘

According to Rule 2.3 of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, a broadcaster must ensure that any provocative matter must justify the context. Discriminatory and inaccurate language should not be used against any religion or belief. According to Rule 3.2, a part with a heatspeech is not to be broadcast. It can be run if the context is justified. According to Rule 3.3, do not broadcast offensive and lewd comments against any person, group religion or community.

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The order said that the channel made offensive and derogatory remarks against the Pakistani. The basis for their humiliation was their citizenship only. It said, “Anything said in the program can hurt anyone’s feelings.” In the eyes of Ofcom, this is a crime, ‘Puchhta Hai Bharat’ show has insulted people without context. This is a case of hate speech against Pakistanis. This is going to increase the discrimination between the people of India and Pakistan. ‘

Worldwide media has been fined for the same broadcast. The company has decided that in future it will try to follow the rules and will not broadcast live of some debates. The order also said that the media company admitted that the rules were not intentionally violated. Senior management of Republic Bharat also does not know this. Ofcom has given two months notice and said to control your broadcast as Pakistani people are getting frequent calls and they are objecting to it.

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