UK court jailed Indian-Origin doctor for raping woman he met on ‘Tinder’ with fake name

UK court jailed Indian-Origin doctor: A Scottish court on Wednesday sentenced an Indian-origin doctor to four years in prison after being found guilty of aggravated sexual assault against a woman more than three years ago. Manesh Gill, 39, was convicted in the Edinburgh High Court last month and in the same court today his act was termed as “horrific behaviour”. The court said that four years ago in December 2018, Gill, a married general practitioner, had posed as ‘Mike’ on the online dating app Tinder and planned to meet the girl at a hotel in Sterling.

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Detective Inspector Forbes Wilson of the Public Protection Unit of Police Scotland said, “Gill’s sentencing sends a clear message to anyone convicted of sex crimes that if you commit a crime, you will be punished. He said, ‘Gill will now have to face the consequences of his terrible behavior.”

UK court jailed Indian-Origin doctor for raping woman he met on ‘Tinder’

Police very happy on the bravery of the girl
He further said, “The victim has shown tremendous bravery in coming forward and telling her story and I want to thank her for her help during the investigation. I hope today’s results will give her some relief. We have specially trained officers and work with partners to provide assistance to victims. I would encourage anyone to report sexual abuse in any form, as all reports will be thoroughly investigated.”

Earlier this year, during evidence in a trial, a woman told how her body was ‘closed’ because she was sexually assaulted. On this whole matter, Gill, the father of three children living in Edinburgh, had claimed that the sex was consensual. The jury later convicted him of committing a sex offence. He has also been added to the list of sex offenders to monitor his behaviour.

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