UK: Boris Johnson tops the list of worst prime ministers, know who is the best PM?

The current Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, is at the top of the country’s worst prime ministers. Multinational market research and consulting firm Ipsos has made this claim after its latest survey. This survey has come to the fore when Boris Johnson’s term is about to end. Boris has been ranked number one among leaders who have done a poor job as prime minister in an Ipsos survey.

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In a survey conducted by Ipsos on the performance of British leaders after the 1945 war, Boris Johnson was described by about 49 percent of the British public as a bad PM. At the same time, about 41 percent of the public said that former PM Theresa May was a bad PM, as well as 38 percent of the public said that David Cameron was a bad PM. In this way, the name of Boris Johnson was at the top of the list of worst PM. At the same time, 62 percent of the people described Winston Churchill as the best Prime Minister after the war of 1945 as a good PM of the country. These people said that the wartime leader had done a good job.

Kieran Pedley, director of political research at Ipsos, said Winston Churchill tops our list of good prime ministers. The public thinks she has done a good job in the PM’s office, followed by Margaret Thatcher. He added that Boris Johnson is fourth on that list. The survey was conducted by multinational market research and consulting firm Ipsos between August 19 and 22. 1100 people were included in this survey.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned from his post on 7 July. He had announced his resignation by coming live in front of the media. During his address, Boris Johnson also counted the works done during his tenure. In his address, he had said that he was deeply saddened to leave the post of Prime Minister.

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