Two leading media houses move SC seeking independent probe against Pegasus Snooping scandal

The Pegasus issue is becoming a thorn in the neck of the central government. Many senior journalists from across the country have filed a petition in the Supreme Court demanding a thorough investigation of the Pegasus snooping case. This will be the third petition in the Supreme Court to demand Pegasus spying.

In this petition, it has been said that how software used in the military services was used to spy on the elite citizens of the country.

This is a complete violation of the right to privacy given to the citizens by the Constitution of India. The matter should be investigated by a sitting or retired Supreme Court judge.

This petition has been filed in the Supreme Court by N Ram, former editor-in-chief of the country’s well-known newspaper The Hindu and Shashi Kumar, the founder of Asianet.

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The petitioners have told the Supreme Court that the Pegasus phone hacking case is a direct and unacceptable attack on communication, intelligence and privacy. It destroys the right to privacy guaranteed by the Constitution.

The petitioners have reminded the Supreme Court of Article 21 and said that the right to privacy of any citizen applies to electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Hacking or tapping it in any way violates Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. The Pegasus software that has been used against selected elite citizens across the country is deeply damaging to the right to privacy.

At the same time, the petitioners also said that the way Pegasus was used to spy against politicians, journalists, social workers, doctors, lawyers across the country, is also a compromise with the exercise of the rights of any citizen. In such a situation, there is a dire need for an independent and fair investigation of this entire matter.

At the same time, the opposition had also demanded a free and fair investigation under the supervision of the Supreme Court on the Pegasus issue.

Former Congress President and MP Rahul Gandhi had attacked the central government on the issue of spying on Pegasus software, saying that it is a case of straight sedition.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah should resign from his post and the role of PM Modi in this snooping scandal should also be investigated under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

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