Two girls kissed topless in Finland Prime Minister’s residence, PM Sanna Marin apologizes for the incident

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin is now embroiled in another controversy. This controversy is not related to her, but to the friends who came to the party at the Prime Minister’s residence. Sanna Marin has apologized after the photo of two topless girls kissing each other surfaced.

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It is being told that this photo is of her residence only. Sanna Marin is already embroiled in a controversy over partying. A video of her surfaced while dancing in a private party. The controversy grew so much that she even had to get a drug test done. However, her report was negative.

Finland PM in her wedding dress

Sanna Marin is 36 years old. She is one of the youngest leaders in the world. But this time her opponents are accusing her of being immature. At the same time, many people are saying that if a man had done what Sanna Marin is doing, then everyone would have been silent on him. However, many women from Finland have come out in support of Sanna and they are posting video of themselves dancing. But now a photo from the prime minister’s seaside residence in the capital Helsinki has sparked controversy.

Finland PM

The picture features two well-known influential women who are topless. They cover themselves with a plaque written in Finland and are kissing each other. Prime Minister Sanna Marin has confirmed it was pulled at a private party with friends after a concert in July. She said, “In my opinion this picture is not fair. I am sorry for this.” She further said, “Such a picture should not be taken. Other than that nothing happened.”

In a press conference after the video of the dance surfaced, Prime Minister Sanna Marin said that she had drunk a little. When asked whether she had taken drugs, she flatly denied it. She also got the drugs tested, the report of which has now come negative. It was seen in the video that Sana is dancing in the party.

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