Two female constables suspended for making short video as it went viral

Now the craze of making short videos on film songs has become so much among people that they forget that they are on duty in uniform. In the process of making this short video, two female constables of Moradabad division have also become on the job.

After receiving the complaint after the video of two female constables went viral, the ADG suspended them. ADG Rajkumar of Bareilly Zone has instructed that no policeman, employee, officer wearing uniform will shoot a photo video and upload it on social media. Those who do so will be punished immediately.

In fact, in the past, two women constables in Moradabad division made two videos of 15 seconds and uploaded them on social media and made a lot of headlines. As soon as the information reached the ADG headquarters, taking action, ADG Rajkumar suspended both the women constables with immediate effect and instructed for action.

Female Constables viral video

Instructions have been given to all the SSPs of Bareilly-Moradabad zone that no policeman wearing uniform will upload such a video on social media and no photo will be uploaded. It has been said in the order that strict action will be taken against those who do so.

Information about social media law has also been shared by the DGP headquarters. With this people will be able to get information that it is forbidden to upload such videos on social media while wearing uniform during government work. Police officers posted in their respective departments and issued a circular to all the police stations that not only in uniform but also no policeman can make videos even with government weapons.

Anger has also been expressed about the policemen who have not removed the previously uploaded photos and videos. Such people have been given some time for this.

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