‘Two-faced, Sellout, opportunist politicians’: Smriti Irani faces brutal trolling over old tweets on LPG price hike

Today, once again the price of LPG has increased in the country. People are expressing outrage about this on social media. At the time Union Minister Smriti Irani is also facing brutal trolling for her old tweet taking a dig at the then Congress government at the Center led by Manmohan Singh.

In a tweet made in 2011, Smriti Irani had targeted the Manmohan Singh government after the hike in the price of LPG by Rs 50 in a day. She had tweeted, “LPG hiked by Rs 50!!!!! And they call themselves aam aadmi ki sarkar. What a shame!”

The people of the country are already suffering from high inflation. In such a situation, another burden of inflation has been put on them. The prices of 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinders have increased by Rs 50 from today across the country. Compared to earlier, now the general public will have to pay 50 rupees more for a 14.2 cylinder to buy LPG. The price of domestic LPG cylinder has gone up to Rs 999.50 per liter in the national capital Delhi.

As expected, Twitter users did not waste much time trolling Irani and reminding her about her old tweet.

While retweeting this old tweet of Irani, a user has written that, “LPG increased by 50 * 6. Still you are not worried about it. You tweeted on increasing Rs 50 in the UPA government. The bar has increased by Rs 50. Still you are silent due to shamelessness and arrogance.

Smriti Irani faces brutal trolling

At the same time, another user has written, “Never seen such arrogant and shameless people in power ever!!”

Journalist Rannvijay Singh, retweeting the old tweet of Ismriti Irani, wrote, “Thank you Smriti Irani Ji for speaking up”

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Smriti Irani faces brutal trolling over her old tweets on LPG price hike
Smriti Irani faces brutal trolling over her old tweets on LPG price hike

During the Manmohan Singh government, the cost of subsidized LPG cylinders used to be around 400. The Modi government, of which Irani is a major Union minister, has gradually phased out subsidies for most people since coming to power in 2014. This means that most Indian consumers are now being forced to buy LPG cylinders for domestic consumption at more than double the rate in 2014.

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