Twitter removes blue tick from Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s personal handle

Twitter has unverified the Twitter account of Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu. Actually, Twitter has removed the verified blue tick from the personal Twitter handle of M Venkaiah Naidu.

However, Vice President @VPSecretariat’s official Twitter handle has a blue tick and has 9.3 lakh followers. While Venkaiah Naidu’s personal Twitter handle has 1.3 lakh followers.

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Let us tell you that 13 lakh people follow the personal account of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu while Vice President Venkaiah Naidu follows only 11 people from this account.

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has not made any tweet from this Twitter account for the last 11 months. This account was last tweeted on 23 July 2020.


As per the terms of Twitter, if someone changes the name of his handle (@handle) or if the user does not use his account in the manner on which it was verified. So in this case the blue tick i.e blue verified badge removes.

According to the latest update, the IT Ministry is angry with the removal of verification from Venkaiah Naidu’s Twitter account. According to sources, it is the wrong intention of Twitter that it has done such a treatment with the number 2 authority of the country. Twitter wants to see to what extent India is patient. Twitter’s argument in this matter is wrong. Government of India will deal strictly in this matter.

RSS leader Rajiv Tuli has said that Twitter has also withdrawn the Twitter verification of many RSS functionaries. He has said that we are trying to contact Twitter in this regard, but no one is responding.

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