Twitter permanently suspends Donald Trump’s account, cites ‘incitement of violence’ risk

Twitter has permanently suspended the official Twitter account of outgoing President Donald Trump following the violence at the US Capitol Building. At the same time, after his account got suspended, Trump wanted to tweet with the President’s official Twitter account POTUS, but Twitter soon deleted these tweets. Significantly, on the closure of Trump’s official account, Twitter said that there is a danger of violence in the future by Trump’s tweet.

In the tweets that were tweeted with POTUS’s Twitter handle, Trump once again attacked Twitter, Democrats, Radical Left and Section 230. Under section 230, Internet companies get the right to take action on any objectionable content on their platform.

According to the news of CBS News, Twitter has said that it is limiting the use of Twitter accounts of POTUS and the White House and has no plans to suspend these accounts altogether. However, the company has indicated that this can be done in the future.

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Twitter has permanently closed Donald Trump’s official account. The company said that it has closed Trump’s account because his tweets could lead to violence in the future. Earlier on Thursday, Facebook blocked Trump’s account indefinitely. Facebook’s ban will remain for at least the next two weeks, until Joe Biden assumes office.

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