Twitter Labels Sambit Patra’s ‘Toolkit’ Tweet as ‘Manipulated Media’

Amidst the Covid crisis, Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Sambit Patra accused the Congress of trying to tarnish Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image on social media with the help of an alleged toolkit. He said that the Congress is working to create an atmosphere against the government with the help of some intellectuals.

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Sambit Patra had shared a paper in his tweet on May 18, which contained the letterhead of the Congress and stated how to share tweets and information on social media. All the BJP leaders were attacking the Congress over it, on the other hand, the Congress was saying that it was fake. The party also got a police case registered against it.

Meanwhile, an action by Twitter on Thursday night caused a major setback to the BJP and especially to Sambit Patra. Twitter has described this tweet of Sambit Patra as manipulated media, that is, twisted and introduced. According to Twitter, the information in Patra’s tweet is not correct and is misleading.

Sambit Patra

Now understand when Twitter takes such action. Actually, Twitter has a policy. According to which, if any information you have tweeted, it is essentially wrong, then this label is put under the tweet. You may recall, during the US presidential election, many tweets of former President Donald Trump were also labelled manipulated by Twitter and later his account was permanently suspended.

However, after the Twitter action, the Congress is now an attacker on the BJP. Party spokesperson Pawan Kheda, while taunting, called Sambit Patra a doctored Patra and wrote the caption – We do not say, the world says.

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