Twitter interim grievance officer for India quits, amid row with Centre over new IT rules

Social media company Twitter India’s Grievance Officer Dharmendra Chatur resigned from his post on Sunday. Just a few weeks ago, Twitter India had appointed him to comply with the new IT rules. If sources are to be believed, the social media company Twitter has also removed the name from its website. Whereas it is necessary to do so according to the new IT rules of India.

News agency PTI said that Twitter declined to comment on the matter. The resignation of the Grievance Officer comes at a time when there is a dispute between Twitter and the Government of India over the new IT rules. The central government has also reprimanded the social media company Twitter for not following the new rules.

According to the new IT rule that came into force from May 25, social media companies are required to set up a grievance redressal mechanism to address the grievances of users or victims. The rule states that all important social media companies with more than 50 lakh users shall appoint a grievance officer to deal with such complaints and share the names and contact details of such officers.

Large social media companies are mandated to appoint a Chief Compliance Officer, a Nodal Liaison Officer and a Grievance Officer. Twitter, in response to a final notice sent by the government on June 5, said it would comply with the new IT norms and share the details of the chief compliance officer.

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