‘Twitter denied access to my account’: IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Micro-blogging site Twitter blocked IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s Twitter account for an hour. According to the information, Twitter has taken this step citing US law. However, after giving a warning, Twitter has restored Ravi Shankar’s account. At the same time, the IT Minister said that this action is a violation of free thoughts. He said that there will be no compromise in following the rules. Twitter has to follow all IT rules. He said that the micro-blogging site is only interested in running its agenda.

Ravi Shankar Prasad has also shared a screenshot of Twitter on the Koo app. After which he also shared the screenshots on Twitter. He said that Twitter blocked his account for an hour. He further said that this move of Twitter is a violation of law. He also questioned the intention of Twitter. Ravi Shankar tweeted “Friends! Something highly peculiar happened today. Twitter denied access to my account for almost an hour on the alleged ground that there was a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the USA and subsequently they allowed me to access the account.”

According to Twitter, we are committed to copyright rules. Repeated breaches of copyright rules may result in account suspension. Twitter said that if you want to get your account unlocked, you will have to review Twitter’s copyright rules.

Prasad, who heads India’s IT ministry has been at the forefront of formulating and implementing the controversial IT rules meant for digital news entities and social media platforms. Twitter had allegedly failed to comply with the IT Rules by 26 May, the deadline issued by the government for compliance.

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