Twitter blocks accounts of Punjabi singer Jazzy B, three others on govt request

Canadian Punjabi singer Jazzy B’s Twitter account has been banned in India. His account has been blocked in India on the request of the Union government. It is being said in the media that speaking in favor of the farmer movement was the reason behind Jazzy B’s Twitter ban. He was giving statements on social media in favor of the farmers’ movement since December last year. In view of this, action has now been taken on Jazzy’s Twitter account by the Centre.

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Jazzy B’s Twitter account is currently geo-restricted. It can be accessed through an IP address from any other country outside India but it is no longer possible to view Jazzy B’s tweets while in India. A clarification has been given on this from Twitter in the Help Center section. The other three accounts that were blocked are of hip-hop artist L-Fresh the Lion, youth organisation California Sikh Youth Alliance, and a user with the id @Tarande61695394.

Twitter wrote- ‘If we receive a valid and reasonable scope request from an authorized entity, it is necessary from time to time to block access to certain content in a particular country. Such prohibition shall be limited to the particular jurisdiction that has issued a valid legal requisition, or where such content is in violation of local law.’ At present, the official statement in this matter is yet to come from Twitter.

Jazzy B is now posting on Instagram after the Twitter account was blocked. He recently made a post in which he wrote that he will always stand for the rights of his people. Apart from this, he wrote to Wahe Guru in the second post that real death comes only after the death of the conscience.

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