Twin Tower Demolition: 34 Companies, Turnover of Billions, Know the Full Story of Twin Tower Owner

Today the twin tower of Noida will be demolished at exactly 2.30 pm. Within nine to 12 seconds, both the 32 and 29 storey buildings will be reduced to rubble. When both these towers fall, a plume of smoke will be visible from several kilometers away.

It is being said that about 20 crores will be spent in demolishing these towers built at a cost of more than 200 crores. In such a situation, a question is arising in everyone’s mind that who is the person who made it? Who is the owner of these twin towers and how did he build such a big building?

This twin tower was built by Supertech Company. The name of the owner of Supertech company is RK Arora. RK Arora has set up 34 companies. These companies work in civil aviation, consultancy, broking, printing, films, housing finance, construction. Not only this, if media reports are to be believed, RK Arora has even opened a company to build a graveyard.

Twin Tower Demolition: Full Story of Twin Tower Owner
Twin Tower Demolition: Full Story of Twin Tower Owner

According to media reports, RK Arora, along with some of his associates, started this company on December 7, 1995. The company has launched real estate projects in about 12 cities across the country including Noida, Greater Noida, Yamuna Development Authority area, Meerut, Delhi-NCR. Soon Arora made a name for himself in real estate. After this Arora opened 34 companies one after the other. These were all for different purposes.

In 1999, four years after starting Supertech Limited, his wife Sangeeta Arora started the company under the name Supertech Builders and Promoters Private Limited. Apart from this, RK Arora along with his son Mohit Arora also started work in power generation, distribution and billing sector. For this, a company named Supertech Energy and Power Private Limited was formed.

Twin Tower Demolition: Full Story of Twin Tower Owner

The story begins on 23 November 2004. When the Noida Authority allotted plot number-4 located in Sector-93A for the Emerald Court. With the allotment, permission was given to build houses up to 9 floors including the ground floor. Two years later, on 29 December 2006, the permission was amended. Noida Authority amended and allowed Supertech to build flats up to 11 floors instead of 9. After this, the authority also increased the number of towers to be built. First 14 towers were to be built, which were first increased to 15 and then to 16. In 2009 it was increased again. On 26 November 2009, the Noida Authority again passed the plan to build 17 towers.

On 2 March 2012, the FR for Towers 16 and 17 was revised again. After this amendment, permission was given to increase both these towers to 40 floors. Its height was fixed at 121 meters. The distance between the two towers was kept only nine meters. Whereas, according to the rule, this distance between two towers should be at least 16 meters.

Twin Tower Demolition: Full Story of Twin Tower Owner

After getting the permission, the Supertech group completed the construction of 32 floors in one tower and up to 29 floors in the other. After this the matter reached the court and it reached such that the layers of corruption in the construction of the tower were exposed one after the other. It was so open that today it was time to demolish these towers.

Supertech reached the Supreme Court against the decision of the Allahabad High Court. After seven years of fighting in the Supreme Court, on 31 August 2021, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Allahabad High Court. The Supreme Court ordered the demolition of the Twin Towers within three months. After this this date was extended to 22 May 2022. However, due to non-completion of the preparation within the time limit, the date was again extended.

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