Turkey: Major accident while unloading cargo at Turkish port, ship sunk, incident caught on camera

A large Egyptian cargo ship carrying containers overturned at the port of Iskenderum in Turkey on Saturday night. The ship reached Iskenderam from Mersin, Turkey on 17 September 2022. In a video going viral on social media, this ship named Sea Eagle can be seen sinking.

Ship capsizes while unloading: According to international reports, the ship was docked at Iskenderam port in Turkey and unloading was underway at the time of the incident. In the meantime, many containers loaded on it were sunk in the sea due to the overturning of the ship. According to the TradeWinds website, the ship was parked at Iskenderam Port in Turkey and was being unloaded when the accident happened. This cargo ship was built in 1984.

Video of the incident shows a port lift truck unloading the container. When the 3120 DWT cargo ship capsized. Hearing the sound of the whistle, the people standing near the ship immediately left the place. Soon the ship sank in the water, leaving the crew and unloaders in a tizzy. However, it was a matter of relief that all the crew members were evacuated safely.

After the accident, Turkey’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure tweeted that 24 containers were lost from the ship during this time and there was also a light oil spill. Fortunately, all the crew members managed to eject safely and no one was hurt.

Orders to investigate the incident: According to media group G Captain, “The government later issued a press release saying that it was a stability problem in the ship and efforts to balance it did not work. Turkish port authorities are investigating the incident. Meanwhile, work is on to extract the ship’s fuel and find the container. Significantly, all the systems of the ship were working normally.

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