‘Tum do kaudi ke gandi naali ke keede ho…’: Supriya Shrinate to Sambit Patra in heated debate, video goes viral

Narendra Modi government completed 7 years of the at the center. On this occasion, many BJP leaders counted the achievements of their government. BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra also reached a Hindi news channel’s debate show to speak on the functioning of the Modi government. In this show, he got into a heated debate with Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate. The debate worsened to a that Supriya called Sambit Patra even ‘Do kaudi ke gandi naali ka keeda’ (you are a dirty drain worm).

Heated debate Supriya Shrinate and Sambit Patra

Actually the whole matter is related to the Hindi news channel Aaj Tak Debate Show. In this show, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate commented on the BJP’s seven years of work and said that the BJP came and did a lot of damage to democratic institutions of the country. Shrinate told Sambit Patra that your government is afraid to take the name of China, while Indira Gandhi changed the geography of the world by doing two pieces of Pakistan. Sambit Patra was infuriated by this.

In response, Sambit Patra said – when the standoff is going on in Doklam and the entire Congress clan is caught under Chinese tent. That is called treason. Patra did not stop here, he mentioned the incident of 2008 and said that both mother and son go to China and sign deals, don’t know how much money is exchanged.

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Supriya Shrinate lashed out at Sambit Patra, calling these allegations baseless. Supriya rebuked the BJP spokesperson and said that you are ‘Tum do kaudi ke gandi naali ke keede ho…’ (a dirty drain worm). Sambit objected and told the anchor what kind of language she was using. But Supriya kept repeating the same thing. Somehow, after the interference by the anchor, the matter calmed down and the debate proceeded.

This video of the tussle between the two spokespersons is going viral on social media. People are getting mixed reactions. Some users are writing that Supriya Shrinate taught a good lesson to BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra. At the same time, some users are also writing that in TV debates, leaders should always avoid such language.

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