“Tribals are not Hindus”, Jharkhand assembly passed a resolution!

Brahminists who engaged in Hinduisation of Dalits and Adivasis have suffered a big blow from Jharkhand state Assembly. Brahmins who do not get tired of tribals as Hindus just for the sake of votes, now those tribals can get a new identity soon. Although tribals have always said that they are not Hindus, but now it has been officially approved by the Jharkhand government. CM Hemant Soren himself has announced a new and non-Hindu identity for the tribals.

Motion passed in Jharkhand Assembly

In fact, the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly has passed a resolution demanding a substitute for a new religion or identity for the tribal society in place of Hinduism. On 11 November 2020, the Hemant Soren government unanimously passed the ‘Sarna Adivasi Dharma Code’ resolution calling a special session of the Legislative Assembly.

Demand for separate option in census

The biggest demand of this proposal is that during the census to be held in the year 2021, tribals should be given the option to write a separate religion code in place of Hindu in the column of religion… The proposal calls for the Sarna religion code.

BJP MLAs also could not protest

The big thing is that this proposal was passed unanimously. Even BJP MLAs also voted in favor of the proposal because most of the BJP MLAs also come from tribal society, so the party that calls tribals as Hindus, does not even dare to oppose Muslin pie The Hemat patron is preparing to send this proposal to the central government in the winter session of Parliament.

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Jharkhand Legislative Assembly has now joined the movement for a separate religion code for tribals in the census to be held in May. In this episode, in the special session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly on November 11, everyone agreed to the demand for a separate religion code and a unanimous resolution was passed. It is considered an important initiative as it also got the support of the anti-BJP BJP. Though the BJP’s stand was not quite clear till the last day, the protest meant opposition from the tribals. The BJP was also forced to agree with arguments in support. Many BJP MLAs themselves are from the tribal community, so there was internal pressure.

This is also important because the RSS considers the tribals to be Hindus. Earlier this year, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had said in Ranchi that a comprehensive awareness campaign would be launched to ensure that tribals write themselves Hindus in the census column.

Apart from the legislative proposal of the Jharkhand government, there were many discrepancies among tribal leaders regarding the name in different religion codes. Some agree on the Sarna column and some on the Adivasi column. Some call Sarna not a religion, but a place of religion, some call a tribal a caste. One side believes that there is no religion code in the name of temple, mosque, gurudwara, then how can there be a religion code in the name of Sarna? The other side believes that when there is no religion code in the name of any caste Dalit, Savarna, OBC, Ansari, Sheikh, Syed, Pathan, then how can a religion code be in the name of a tribal?

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