TN finance minister PTR shuts down JP Nadda who questioned DMK leaders’ education qualification

Tamil Nadu’s Finance Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan(PTR) has responded to BJP leader JP Nadda who questioned the educational qualification of DMK leaders on Thursday.

BJP National President JP Nadda has arrived in Tamil Nadu on a two-day visit. Natta went to Madurai yesterday and consulted with BJP state president Annamalai there.

In this situation, JP Nadda, who attended in a public meeting in Karaikudi, severely criticized the DMK government in Tamil Nadu. Nadda criticized the DMK government for running dynasty politics.

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Nadda in his speech said, “I was told that they (the DMK) are opposing the National Education Policy. When I was the (Union) health minister, they were opposing NEET. Actually, when uneducated leaders are at the helm of affairs and they talk about education, this is what happens.”

“If you not educated and talk about education, this is how you comment. Because of NEET exam people in village can get education. Backward people are able to pursue medical courses. People from many branches are able to join medical courses”, Nadda criticized.

Nadda’s criticism of DMK leaders as uneducated has been met with fierce opposition. State’s finance minister PTR hits back at JP Nadda taking a dig at PM Modi’s “degree in entire political science” reference.

Taking to Twitter PTR said, “4 degrees in 4 different majors from 3 Universities in two countries, after clearing multiple international standardized tests – still can’t clear JPN cut-off for “educated”. If only I’d opted for a degree in “Entire Political Science” instead, perhaps I’d have made the cut?”

Unlike what Nadda criticized, most of the DMK leaders in Tamil Nadu are well educated. Chief Minister Stalin is an undergraduate, Minister Ma. Subramanian BA, LLB, Senthil Kumar MP Doctor, Minister Ponmudi MA in History, Finance Minister PTR 4 Degree and Ph.D.

Hence, the DMK is strongly responding to Nadda’s comment. Coming from the educationally backward North India, they are teasing whether you can talk about the leaders of Tamil Nadu.

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