TN BJP district secretary arrested for setting his own car on fire, blamed petrol bombs were hurled

TN BJP district secretary arrested: Police have arrested BJP leader Sathish Kumar for allegedly setting his car on fire and setting it on fire. Sathish Kumar (48) hails from 1st Street, Krishna Nagar, Madurai. He is the Tiruvallur West District Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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His car which was parked in front of his house on Thursday evening suddenly caught fire. Seeing this, the neighbors poured water to control the fire.

Following this, while examining the footage recorded on the CCTV camera in the area, it was recorded that a man dressed in a white shirt approaching the car parked on the side of the road, and then looking inside through the windows from all sides. Then, he cycles away from the spot.

The CCTV footage clearly showed moments later, another man dressed in dark clothes is seen pouring or spraying something all over the car, and then setting it on fire. The CCTV shows the car engulfed in flames and then the man runs away from the spot. 

Madurai police who arrived at the scene filed a case and conducted a serious investigation. During the interrogation, the police examined the CCTV footage and finally confirmed that it was BJP leader Sathish Kumar who had set the car on fire. When questioned, Kumar disclosed that he had a quarrel with his wife as she forced him to buy jewellery by selling his car. Angered by this, he told the police that he had set fire to his car. The police arrested him and released him later.

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