Times Now’s Rahul Shivshankar gets mocked internationally for scolding the wrong guest on Live TV

Rahul Shivshankar has embarrassed viewers a lot of times before, but this may be the worst instance of it. The editor-in-chief of the news channel was moderating a discussion about the current Russia-Ukraine crisis with two other panelists.

The guest members – Bohdan Nahaylo, chief editor of Kyiv Post and Daniel McAdams, Head of Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity– were talking to Rahul Shivshankar regarding the Russia-Ukraine crsis when the anchor asked the wrong guest to take a ‘chill pill’.

In a hilarious clip from the discussion that has gone viral, Shivshankar is seen scolding a guest presuming he is Ukrainian. He asked him to fight for his country before saying anything about India (the guest was presumably asking for support from the largest democracy in the world).

Shivshankar started addressing Bohdan Nahaylo as ‘Mr McAdams’ and threw a series of insults going so far as to blame him and “his people” for colonising the East. He assumes that he is talking to Mr McAdams, and is constantly taking his name and scolding him.

“Mr McAdams, no hang on, hang on, if you are so concerned about Ukrainians get off the fence and put boots on the ground. Don’t lecture us here in India ok? I am not going to hear your lecture,” Shivshankar said

But Mr McAdams has actually been unable to say anything for the past two minutes because of the ongoing banter between Shivshankar and another Russian guest (who he assumed was Mr McAdams).

Shivshankar continued to refer to the wrong guest as McAdams, even while the actual McAdams appeared bewildered. Angry with the anchor after a minute, the editor in chief of the Kyiv Post yelled at him and asked him why the anchor was addressing him when he hadn’t spoken a word.

The executive director erupts and shouts: “I am Mr McAdams! I am Mr McAdams! I am Mr McAdams and I haven’t even said a word!” Mr Shivshankar pauses and apologises: “Sorry I got that confused.”

Times Now’s Rahul Shivshankar gets mocked internationally

Viewers were left in stitches as they watch the guest’s response and a hashtag #IamMrMcAdams is trending on Twitter as they shared the clip. British journalist Piers Morgan retweeted the clip and said: “A hilarious reminder to always check who your guests are…”

Times Now’s Rahul Shivshankar gets mocked internationally
Times Now’s Rahul Shivshankar gets mocked internationally

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