“Time to take their heads off” Kangana asks for beheading against ‘TANDAV’ makers, Tweet deletes

Controversy continues across the country with the web series ‘Tandav’ on Amazon Prime. The series has sparked controversy over the portrayal of Hindu deities, after which its makers said that they unconditionally apologize if it has hurt people’s feelings in an unintentional way. However, Kangana Ranaut has directly attacked the series makers on this matter and has called for beheading. She says enough of Hindu sentiment hurts….time to take their heads off.
Kangana took to Twitter and wrote “Because even Lord Krishna forgave 99 mistakes of Sheshupala… pehle shanti phir kranti (first peace then vengence)… time to take their heads off.. Jai Shri Krishan…” She was responding to a tweet by Twitter user @TheAtulMishra.

After this, Twitter erupts and people demand her to be booked and banned from the Twitter for inciting violence. Looking at outrage, Kangana later deleted the tweet but screenshots are floating all over the social media.

Makers of ‘Tandav’ apologized

Apologizing, Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted, ‘It was not our objective to hurt anyone’s religious feelings. But if someone’s feelings are hurt then we apologize for this.

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The controversy over the web series ‘Tandav’ is on a scene from the first episode itself. In this, actor Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub is seen as Lord Shiva and while addressing the students of the university, says, “What freedom do you want?” As soon as he comes to the stage, a stage operator says, “Narayan-Narayan. Prabhu(my lord) do something. Ramji’s followers are constantly increasing on social media.”

Along with this another disputed dialogue, a young college girl tells, “When a low caste man dates an upper caste woman, he is not taking revenge of thousands of years of atrocities”

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