Time magazine attacked Modi as soon as Biden elected president, said- the government is targeting Muslims

With the change of power in the US, questions are being raised about the status of minorities in India. America’s iconic Time magazine has expressed a strong attack on the Narendra Modi government, expressing concern over the situation of minorities in India.

Time magazine has claimed that since the victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Modi government has been targeting Muslims. The introduction of a new citizenship law and the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir are part of this link.

The magazine said these things in one of its articles ‘How Joe Biden’s leadership can change the India-US relationship’.

Time magazine also strongly criticized the closure of Amnesty International’s office in India. The magazine said that closing the office of Amnesty International is like suppressing the voice of protest.

The magazine said in its article that President Joe Biden and the Vice President have also spoken on human rights violations in India.

The article said that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have criticized the Modi government’s new citizenship law, which can justify the removal of any foreigner inside and out.

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According to Time magazine, Joe Biden described India’s new citizenship law as incompatible with the country’s long tradition of secularism and a multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy.

A few days back during the Bihar election rally, BJP national president Jagat Prakash Nadda said at an election rally in Darbhanga on Thursday that “the results of the US elections are being declared and allegations have been leveled against Donald Trump that he did not handle the covid-19 properly”. But in India Modiji saved the country of 130 crores, by taking timely decisions. “

You should know that there is the highest number of cases in any country in the world, then it is America where the total number of corona infections has reached close to one crore and where nearly two and a half million people have lost their lives. If there is any country behind America, then there is India. The total number of coronavirus infections in India has reached more than 84 lakhs. More than 124000 people have lost their lives in India.

Accused US President Donald Trump of not handling Coronavirus correctly. This is going to be the reason for Trump losing his presidential election.

Trump on Thursday night again accused him of rigging votes without proof.

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