Three days before Balakot strike, Arnab Goswami said ‘something big will happen’ on WhatsApp chat

The leaked WhatsApp chat of Arnab Goswami, editor of Republic TV and Partho Das Gupta, former CEO of Bark (Broadcast Audience Research Council), is becoming a big issue. The screen shots of the chat leaked are not just revealing about increasing the TRP of the channel. These chats are related to Arnab’s brokerage in power as well as playing with the security of the country.

Look at these four dates-

14 February 2019 – Terrorist attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama. 40 soldiers were killed.

14 and 19 February 2019 – Arnav Goswami chats on this day, which has been leaked.

26 February 2019 – Indian Air Force air strikes in Balakot.

11 April – 30 May – Lok Sabha Elections concluded…

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arnab’s leaked whatsapp chat
arnab’s leaked whatsapp chat

Arnab had a lot of information before the Pulwama attack

Two screen shots leaked suggest that the Modi government and Arnab Goswami knew 4 days in advance that something big was going to happen in Kashmir. The chat makes sense that Arnab had a lot of information 4 days before the Pulwama attack. Arnab Goswami was also aware in detail about the plan of Air Strike done by the Indian Army after the Pulwama attack. He used these information to get his channel team to the spot first. In the chat, Arnab Goswami is also claiming to have information about the air strike carried out by the Indian Army in Balakot. In another chat, Arnab is saying that now our victory in the election is confirmed.

arnab’s leaked whatsapp chat

Does military intelligence was informing Arnab?

In such a situation, the question is now arising whether the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Modi government have also been sharing military intelligence with Arnab Goswami. After all, Arnab was already aware of the Pulwama attack, airstrikes in Pakistan, etc. And the biggest question is why the agencies of the Government of India were sharing confidential information with Arnab, why the Pulwama attack was not stopped. It is worth noting here that the Pulwama attack happened just before the Lok Sabha elections where 45 Indian soldiers were martyred in this attack. After which an atmosphere was created in the country in favor of Modi.

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